What people say about Mignon classes

"Thank you again for the fantastic course this weekend. XXX and I found it very informative and extremely useful and are both feeling much better prepared now :-) 
XXX said he was really happy with the pace as we were able to fit a lot into the two days but also felt we could ask any questions along the way.  
I thought that the mixture of practical exercises and theoretical input worked really well to keep us completely focussed throughout the course (the time flew by!). I also thought that mixing up the couples was a great way to get to know everyone." 
"Thanks again for such an informative and useful weekend last week." 
"It was great and very helpful for us. XXX even asked if there is any course just for the Daddies! He would like to continue"
"I also take this opportunity to congratulate you for the incredible course. It was very instructive and the fact that it is so interactive made it very light and pleasant."
"We would like to thank you for the great weekend we had. Of course we were a little tired on Sunday night, but at the same time so happy with everything we learnt, and the good atmosphere during the class. You really did an awesome job!  Thanks also for all the materials you sent by email. The "letter from you baby" was really cute. I'll stick it to a wall as soon as our little girl is here!"


"Thanks for such and informative and fun weekend"


"Thanks again for a wonderful preparation to our baby's birth, we really could not have chosen a better class! You helped make it a lovely experience, thanks!" 


"Having taken the parenthood course helped us a lot  and made the giving birth experience passing smooth -  we’d like to thank you again for the sessions"


"I really liked the classes.  I was a bit concerned about how the guys were going to manage  but they are very happy too and they found it very interesting and helpful." 


"Thank you. Was a great day and the material is brilliant."


"Thank you so much for your advices and suggestions- it was all spot on."


"Thanks again Susie for your session today.  I always leave feeling so much more confident than before."


"Susie - your tips and advice were invaluable! Thank you."


"Moreover, I would like to thank you from the deep of my heart since I had a very positive birth experience."


"The course felt relaxed, fun, entertaining, informative and cosy."


"We felt very comfortable, it was very easy to talk and ask questions whenever we wanted"


"it was great to be able to have time focusing on what the dads will do"


"Thanks again for the RSB classes - I have found them really useful.  You seem to be able to make everyone feel really comfortable and its a very relaxed environment"


"I have achieved my number one aim: I no longer feel terrified about giving birth - I am quite excited about it now"