Breastfeeding Resources

English speaking breastfeeding counsellors:

Lydia Weisskopf:      061 462 07 46

Catherine Schucan: 061 401 27 29

Monika Messner:      061 322 75 00

Frau Führer:               061 421 77 26

Health insurance in Switzerland will pay for a number of consultations with a breastfeeding/lactation consultant.  Insurance companies may also provide a gutschein for women who breastfeed.


La Leche League Basel, offer excellent (and free) breastfeeding support, counselling and education in English (and other languages).  The LLL leaders are trained with the highest level of breastfeeding support and are all wonderful.  This link lists the English speaking counsellors in Basel:


This link takes you to the LLL site that covers all of Switzerland:


Nursing bras, including personalised fittings: