Mignon: providing prenatal and postnatal education and support with the BCT

For the past 25 years the BCT has provided English language support and pregnancy and parenting education and resources for international families living in the Basel region.  Mignon is the prenatal and postnatal education side of the BCT, run by the BCT's prenatal and postnatal educator and supporter, Susie Atkinson.  You do not have to be a member of the BCT to take join any of the Mignon courses, but BCT members receive preferential rates and free sessions.  For more information about the BCT please see



Services provided by the BCT include:

Education and resources, provided by qualified educators and counsellors:

  • Prenatal/birth and parenting preparation classes for couples or for either partner on their own
  • Prenatal yoga classes
  • Mother and Baby Yoga classes
  • Prenatal, breastfeeding and parenting information packs and resource guides
  • Feeding support drop ins and education sessions
  • One to one and ad hoc prenatal and postnatal support
  • Family First Aid training courses
  • Safe infant and healthy family eating education sessions
  • Parenting and baby development sessions, including baby massage and safe use of baby slings
  • Monthly English language magazine on parenting in the Basel region

Weekly social and supportive groups. These groups provide regular social contact for parents and for many international families provides a crucial support network:

  • Bumps and Babes playgroup for expectant families and families with babies to around 12 months.  This group includes regular drop in LLL breastfeeding support.
  • Bumps and Bruises playgroup, for family with babies between around 12-36 months
  • BCT All ages playgroup
  • Neighbourhood networks - so there is a BCT social support network in everyone’s local area

Fun family activities:


  • Monthly nature walks
  • Monthly children's book readings
  • Regular children’s discos
  • Family events and parties for Easter, summer celebrations, Halloween and Christmas
  • Regular mum’s nights out and dad’s nights out