Labour and Birth Summaries and Information

Prenatal course summary 1
Amazing bodies, amazing birth, understanding the process
Preparing for Parenthood Course Summary
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Prenatal course summary 2
Things to help birth, different sorts of birth, choosing your options and making decisions
Preparing for Parenthood Course Summary
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Onset of labour and when to go to hospital
Ways to recognise labour is beginning and suggestions to help expectant parents to decide when to go to hospital
when to go to hospital.pdf
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Typical innate behaviour during labour and birth
Ways to understand how labour is progressing from mother's needs and behaviour, how she sounds, moves and breathes, and things to help at different stages. This can help parents follow their progress separately from vaginal examinations of cervical dilation
Mothers innate behaviour during birthing
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Birth plan template
Adapted for the Swiss hospitals, this birth plan template may be useful in planning and discussing your birth preferences
Template Birth Plan for Hospital Birth.p
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