Mama and Baby Yoga

Strengthen and Stretch, Relax and Breathe

Thursdays 14.00-15.00

Suitable for all mothers and pre mobile babies

Mama and Baby Yoga are unique and fun weekly session for mothers and babies.  We combine postnatal yoga based activities and stretches, breathing techniques and relaxations, with yoga and songs for your babies.  


Mothers can strengthen and tone the muscles, regain good posture and increase their energy.  They benefit from well earned relaxation time and learn techniques to use at home to help them feel calm, positive, confident - and good about themselves.  It is a chance for mothers to spend some time looking after themselves, both physically and emotionally, in a baby friendly environment and with other, lovely, English speaking mothers.


Babies benefit from wonderful yoga moves and stretches, massage and singing with their mothers, helping them to relax, bond and help the baby's development whatever their age.  It can help babies sleep better, relieve wind or colic, improve digestion and circulation and help parents understand and help babies with their different emotions.  


Each session includes

Relaxation, quiet time and breathing techniques

Yoga stretches for mothers, including their babies if they wish, focusing on helping the postnatal body build strength, flexibility and tone

Pelvic floor exercises

Massage, movement, songs and games to help develop baby's different sensory skills

Discussion time, to share any questions, concerns or information with the group and with Susie, a qualified antenatal/postnatal teacher


The postures and stretches will all be adapted to suit each mother and baby's individual need and preference - from very gentle and possible to do whilst breastfeeding, to strenuous and energetic.  The classes are suitable for all mothers and babies who have been approved at their six week postnatal checkup to do exercise.


Important details



You need only wear comfortable clothing and bring a blanket for your baby to lie on.


The classes are held at the Kindermusik Studio, Leimgrubenweg 9, 4053 Basel


For more information or to enrol please contact me or register for a place via this doodle poll:


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