Preparing for Parenthood Courses for All Parents

A 17.5 hour course for mothers and partners centring on birth, breastfeeding and baby development and care in the first months of family life

This course includes

11 hours group sessions for partners together (usually over several weekends/evenings) before the babies are born

4 hours mother only prenatal Relax, Stretch and Breathe sessions (two sessions held on Thursday evenings, attend at any point during your prenancy).

1.5 hours group session for the whole family after the babies are born. 

1 hour Mother and Baby Yoga session


Group classes are a great way to get ready for becoming a family.   The sessions are a mixture of discussions, interactive and physical skills (such as relaxations, breathing techniques, massage, movements and positions) and questions and answers, so there is the opportunity to cover whatever questions or topics are important to both the men and women in the group.  


The course content is evidence based to provide the information and resources to allow you to make informed decisions.  It gives you the chance to explore how you feel about becoming a new family and the choices you have. I hope it will also give you confidence in your own resources and abilities as you become parents and help you enjoy this amazing and wonderful time!


Courses include topics such as:

Normal process of birth, what to expect and what can you do to help keep birth a straightforward (and wonderful) event

Importance, roles and support from (and for) birth partners

What to expect in the Swiss maternity system

Making informed decisions during pregnancy, birth and as parents

First hours and days and weeks as a new family, including physical and mental postnatal recovery


Family development - both baby development and care but also how parents can look after themselves and each other during the early days and as they return to work.


After the baby is born, there are two post natal sessions, once as a whole group, covering whatever topics feel important at that time, and usually including baby massage and sling tying techniques, and a Mother and Baby Yoga session, for after the baby is six weeks old


With a maximum of six couples (or either parent alone or with chosen supporter) in each group, all with similar due dates, it is also a wonderful way to make a network of supportive friends.


The course costs 365CHF for BCT members and and 385CHF for non BCT members



For upcoming course dates please see Course dates.  For registration forms please see Registration Forms


The courses are held at the Kindermusik Studio at Leimgrubenweg 9, 4053 Basel  Please see Important Practical Details for a map