Baby Slings

Giving babies the security they need and parents the freedom they want.

Human babies are made to be carried and thrive when they are.  Using a baby sling offers many emotional and physical benefits to families, from birth to school age, but for many people it looks just too complicated to try.


In fact, tying a baby sling is as easy as tying your shoe: the easiest way to learn is to have some one show you and help you as you practice. An hour long course gives you the confidence to carry your baby or toddler safely, comfortably and for as long as you want.


For babies and children being carried in a sling means having their needs for comfort and security met readily and happily - making those children ready for independent and adventurous life as they grow, knowing that there are safe arms waiting for them.  For parents and carers baby wearing means closeness with those precious children, with two hands free. At home or out and about baby wearing is the most natural and practical thing.


I am a trained Lana Baby Sling Instructor and have many years of practical experience with my own children.  I provide sling courses in English and in French and I have slings you can borrow for a course or to try out for a week or two.