Sling Courses

The easiest way to learn to use a baby sling is to have someone show you how.  


Of course there are YouTube clips, pictures and photographs, but when it is your own little (or big) baby, having someone on hand to take you through each step, check the tightness of each layer and reassure you you have it just right gives most parents much more confidence.  Parents who have taken a sling course tend to get much more use out of their sling because they are confident and have learnt the ties that are most usful to them.


I run courses for newborn/front carrying (suitable for babies from birth to about 1 year) and back carrying (suitable for babies from around 6 months).  Each class takes around 1-1.5 hours, in which we try out several different sling ties, to find those that suit you and your baby best.  Then we practise them until you are totally confident!   Just in case, I leave you with a set of photographs to remind you of each tie we cover.  


I can either come to your home for a course or group courses can be arranged. Prenatal sling courses are also available, please contact me for more details.  If you already have a sling we can use that for the course, or I have plenty you can try out during the course to see what length and fabric suits you best.


Each sling course costs 90 CHF for a one to one session and 45 CHF per person for a group session.  

Front Carrying (from birth)

An introduction to carrying, the theory and the benefits.  Learn and practise 3 or 4 techniques to carry your baby on your front. 

Back Carrying (from 6 months)

More comfortable for you both as your baby grows. Learn and practise different techniques to safely lift and carry your baby on your back