These padlets get regularly updated with new research and materials, so you might want to keep the links and keep on referring back to them. 

All about the process of birth - vaginal, assisted and caesarean births, when to go to hospital and what to take and ideas for birth partners:

All about your birth options and preferences, including pain management options, birth plans and birth preparation

All about postnatal recovery and postnatal mental health, recovery tips after caesarean birth or a ventouse birth, and managing going back to work

All about family life with a new baby, including information about safe sleeping, baby wearing, colic and healthy baby development, including some specific links for partners and supporters

All about feeding your baby, finding support, pumping and storing expressed milk.

Some of you may have already seen this padlet, which is a pregnancy related padlet, but it includes lots of useful information about legal topics, registering the baby’s birth and support in Switzerland:

Finally, this single page has links to all the others (so this is the one to book mark)