Susie Atkinson

Prenatal and postnatal educator and supporter for the BCT and for all families. Passionate about birth, celebrating parenthood, respectful of babies and parents

Photo by Lisanne Vreeke
Photo by Lisanne Vreeke

It is a privilege to be part of a growing family's life as they prepare for their baby's arrival, or as they find their comfortable parenting pattern.  It is a privilege that I take very seriously.   My services are based on professional qualifications, with up to date professional licences:


  • Diploma in Antenatal Education (University of Bedfordshire, UK)
  • Diploma in Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga (University of Worcester, UK)
  • Licence to Practice LANA slings
  • TouchLearn Baby Signing certification


Behind these qualifications is a passion and admiration for the amazing process of growing and birthing a baby and a wonder and love for the gentle and sophisticated communication between babies and their parents.


I am British, living In Alsace with my family since 2000.  Before training to be an antenatal teacher for the BCT I worked for Reckitt Benckiser in the UK, including specialising in working with midwives and nurses, and then for a medical communication company in Basel, again working with healthcare professionals, researchers and cross functional teams in the pharmaceutical industry.  I have four children, born in the area. Having a family has led me to the respect I hold for families - but the content of all my courses and the information and resources provided are NOT based on my own experiences, but on independent evidence and on certain key concepts:


  • That becoming and being a parent should be celebrated and respected, they are the most momentous and important things we do
  • That becoming and being a parent are natural and normal parts of our lives. The physical and emotional parts are significant and should not be forgotten
  • Becoming a parent is social and community based – and that learning from our family, friends and the community makes it easier
  • Everyone has different hopes, fears and intentions about becoming a parent. We need to hear and trust our own and our baby’s instincts and beliefs  


What is the association with the BCT?

I am proud to hold the position of Prenatal and Postnatal educator and supporter for the Basel Children's Trust and have done since completing my training.  Through this connection Mignon provides an enormous amount of free and ongoing prenatal and postnatal support to BCT members.  However it is not necessary to be a BCT member to join any of the Mignon sessions (though preferential rates often apply). 


Why Mignon?


Mignon, which means Sweet in French, is the name of the company my paternal grandmother founded and ran in Britain after the Second World War.  The company made and sold children's clothes (through shops such as Harrods), including dresses made from parachute silk.  My grandmother had four sons (who would help model the clothes as babies), but was also an informal foster mother to a host of cousins, school friends, waifs and strays.  She was an amazing and involved grandmother to her eight grandchildren.  We learn and gain so much from our families - I am very happy to keep this family business name going.