Discussions, questions and ideas

Both Prenatal Yoga (Relax, Stretch and Breathe) and Mother and Baby Yoga include an integrated discussion or informal prenatal or parenting class.  These discussions are always interested and varied after each session I share more information, ideas and links.  Here are some of those follow ups, for anyone who might find them useful...

In Relax, Stretch and Breathe on Tuesday 28 January we had discussions ranging from "what happens during a caesarean" to "how do I chose which hospital".  A common theme in prenatal discussions is the "am I allowed to" topics around personal empowerment and we explored that also.  Here is more information and links on these topics.  For more detailed information please get in touch.
Caesarean birth:
A couple of good links around caesarean birth:
¨https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=246200439668411this is a great (and totally non gory) explanation of the surgery part of the caesarean - and explains why it is major surgery, with a long recovery time.
A nice film about what to expect in an (elective) caesarean:
Empowerment and asking questions:
Most of us, with our first baby, are overwhelmed with the whole experience of pregnancy and birth (particularly birth), the volume of information to process, the new experiences, the anxiety and fear generated by the way birth is talked about and represented. As such we do the sensible thing, we look for the experts to guide us. We all have our own hierarchy of experts, of who we trust, and who we trust more. The experts we have here in Basel are excellent - from your well qualified and very experienced child birth educator, to your obstetrician, to your midwife supporting you through the birth, and the teams of specialists who support them all. 
The biggest expert though, is yourself. The professionals are expert and excellent in their own fields, but only you are expert in yourself, in what you are feeling, what you want, ad what feels right for you (and actually you also have more expertise in your own baby, and what they are currently doing, than anyone else, as you are the only person who can feel it).
I will keep on talking about empowerment, about asking questions, about educating yourself and your partner. I know that these topics can be uncomfortable. I know that there are many people who are happy to “go with the flow” and “do as the professionals tells them”, and that of course is their choice. But I also know how wonderful and powerful it can be to be proactive, what a difference it can make to families experience as parents, with feeding, with protecting themselves from postnatal depression and with preparing their own children (many years in the future) for their own positive birthing and family experiences.
I like this blog post, by the excellent Bridget Supple, on this topic:
This is something we look at in more detail in prenatal classes.
Hospital choice:
As we discussed in class, for some people it can be really hard to choose where to have their baby. All of the hospitals and geburtshauses here have excellent reputations, as do the home birth midwives, so wherever you choose you will have excellent care and a safe, professional environment. Within that, each place has its own vibe and its own style. This padlet has information about them all, so that you can go and visit them, and see how they feel to you. Because labour is so shaped by the hormones that drive it (or stop it), it is really important that if you do have the option (and i appreciate not everyone does), that you choose a place were you feel safe, confident and relaxed - and as that will be different for each person, it is important to get a feel for yourself. For the dates of the upcoming English language information evenings please get in touch.